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Wellness centre of the Grandhotel Pupp

The new building is generally designed to become the non-obtrusive dominant of the hotel yard without disturbing the scale surrounding the development concerning its volume or height. The designed shape complements the morphology of the premises with an exact prism, which generates a deliberate contrast between old and new, caused by the architecturally significant resources used in the context of the existing yard.

The central space of the centre is a generous new pool hall with a centrally located swimming pool, in the corners of which stone caves are located. An important phenomenon is the lighting of the interior by means of rays slanting through windows with colored foils and roof skylights. The northwest front wall of the hall with enormous glazing offers pleasant views of the mature greenery of an adjacent park.

The building has 2 aboveground floors in total and a residential roof that serves as an attractive space for social events held in the open air. The trapezoidal floor plan of the building is serviced by three bridges, which connect the spa with the existing buildings on the mezzanine level.

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