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Spa Walking Route No. 10 - 12

Spa Walking Route No. 10

Pond by Male Versailles Restaurant - From Male Versailles Restaurant, go up Krizikova ulice (street), and continue up on Nerudova stezka (Neruda path) towards the ranger house, Diana. From there, continue on Lesmistrova cesta (Ranger's path) to Svahova ulice (street) and down to trida (Avenue) T.G. Masaryka to the hlavni posta (main post office).

Walking these spa trails is suitable not only for spa patients, but also for residents and visitors to the city. Again and again, the truth is proven of the old classical adage - "men san in corpore sano" - in a healthy body, there is a healthy spirit. First of all, in nature we can find the needed balance of physical and spiritual harmony.

In the vicinity of Diana, you can find shelter during bad weather in Fibichuv altan (Fibich's pavilion).

Trail #10 - length 4100m; ascent 100m (descent 120m); duration 65 minutes; Energy expended at average speed of 4-5 km/hr: Person weighing 70 kg - 243 kcal; if 80 kg - 278 kcal.


Spa Walking Route No. 11

Zamecky Vrch (Castle Hill) - Go up Sovova stezka (Sova path), around Myslivna towards Diana. Here at the crossroads, veer right following Rohanova stezka (Rohan path) on it's slow descent towards ulice (street) Krale Jiriho. Turn right at the Trocnov Hotel and go down towards the pond by Male Versailles Restaurant.

The starting point is located in the villa quarter, formerly called Westend. This quarter was favoured mainly by English visitors to the city and that is how this name originated. The entire quarter is dominated by the Bristol Palace which was built in 1893. Before turning onto Sovova path, your attention will be captured by the anglikansky kostel sv. Lucase (Anglican Church of St. Lucas) built in the year 1877. The church was built kin the English neo-gothic style according to the plans of Josef Mothes.

Trail #11 - length 3300m; ascent 85m (descent 100m); duratino 50 minutes; Energy expended at average speed of 4-5 km/hr: Person weighing 70 kg - 199 kcal; if 80 kg - 227 kcal.


Spa Walking Route No. 12

Hurky (bus stop on bus line #8) - Follow the gently climbing forest road (Gogolova cesta - Gogol's road) to Goethova vyhlidka, and continue to the left on the serpentines down to the forest crossroad where you turn left woards Prazska ulice (Prague Street) - bus stop on bus line #8 - Cerny kun (Black Horse).

Goethova vyhlidka (Goethe's Look out) - This was built on the hill of Vecneho zivota (Eternal Life) in the year 1889 according to the plans of Fellner and Helmer. In this neo-gothic building, you will find a restaurant and look out tower with a view of Krusne hory (Orr Mountains), Slavkovsky les (Slavkovsky Forest) and Doupovske vrchy (Doupov's hills). Goethe liked to walk along this trail rich in minerals and botanical flora.

Restaurant Goethova vyhlidka offers you specialities of Czech and international cooking, a pleasant rest on the terrace, the opportunity to dance, and the view from the tower. Reservations can be made for the private dining room.

Trail #12 - length 2900m; ascent 65m (descent 210m); duration 45 minutes; Energy expended at average speed of 4-5 km/hr: Person weighing 70 kg - 168 kcal; if 80 kg - 192 kcal.

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