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Spa Walking Route No. 19 - 21

Spa Walking Route No. 19

Hlavni Posta (Main Post Office) - Cross the bridge in front of the post office, and cross ulice I.P. Pavlova (I.P. Pavlova Street). Take the winding upward path around the swimming pool of Thermal Sanatorium, through Mozartuv park (Mozart's park), towards the kostelik sv. Ondreje (St. Andrew Chapel). Continue on Ondrejska ulice (Andrew Street) and turn right on Na Vyhlidce (Street). At the former station of the Panoraa funicular railway, cross the road and walk up through the forest to Turgenovova stezka (path) and then right on this path to the forest crossroads. Go up on the serpentines towards Goethova vyhlidka (Goethe's look out) and then on forest road to the intersection. Turn right on former Stara Prazska silnice (Old Prague Road) and follow it on the gentle descent to the bus stop on bus route #8 - Cerny kun (Black Horse) and on Moravska ulice (Moravian Street), you down to Vridelni kolonada (Geyser Colonnade).

Mozartuv park (Mozart's Park) [formerly Ondrejska cemetery] - In Mozart's park, you can find tmbstones of a few important people (W.A. ozart - son, musician; Fridrich Gilly - Prussian architect; Jean de Carro - Karlovy Vary doctor; Dr. David Becher - Karlovy Vary doctor; Franz Franieck - publisher and printer in Karlovy Vary). The park ends by the kostelik sv. Ondeje, a late Gothic chapel, which was last renovated in 1841.

Trail #19 - length 5800m; ascent 200m (descent 210m); duration 90 minutes; Energy expended at average speed of 4-5 km/hr: Person weighing 70 kg - 356 kcal; if 80 kg - 407 kcal.


Spa Walking Route No. 20

Pond by Male Versailles Restaurant - Go by Male Versailles Restaurant to Krizikova ulice (street) and continue to climb on Nerudova stezka (path) to Diana. Go on Sovova stezka (path), and veer left on the forest path leadign to the crossroads U Obrazu (At the Picture). From here, turn left and take the gentle descent through the forest to the water treatment plant above Brezova. Then take the steep grade down to Marianskolazenska silnice (street) and cross the street in the direction of Ke Strelnici (the Shooting Gallery). Past the restaurant and guest-house, Stary Mlyn (Old Mill) to the end stop on the bus line Karlovy Vary - Brezova.

Chata U Obrazu (Pavilion At The Picture) - This was built by the city in 1894 and it was given it's name because of the Holy picture which was placed on one of the trees. In the year 1900, an altar was built and you can also see the picture of the Virgin Mary with the Geyser.

Trail #20 - length 5000m; ascent 150m (descent 180m); duration 80 minutes; Energy expended at average speed of 4-5 km/hr: Person weighing 70kg - 315 kcal; if weighing 80 kg - 359 kcal.


Spa Walking Route No. 21

Funicular to Diana Look out - Take the gentle descent on the Pratelstvi (Friendship) path to chata Pratelstvi (Friendship Pavilion) and continue on to the crossroad U Obrazu. Remain on the same path, veering left up towards Doubska vyhlidka (Hotel Aberg), and then down on the paved road to the restaurant Svaty Linhart (St. Linhart). From there, take Tuhnicka cesta (Tuhnice path) to the crossroad and descend on Doubska pesina (Doubi Path) to the bus stop on bus route #6 - U Zamecku.

In the past, the many forest restaurants enticed Karlovy Vary spa visitors to walk along the paths, and perhaps even partake of a diet breakfast after drinking the prescribed amount of spring water in the mornings. Today, the attraction of the forest walks is mainly the peace and quiet, gorgeous nooks, and beautiful views of the spa and it's surrounding area from many different vantage points, especially from the various look out towers. It is certainly pretty to see the spa forests from the colonnade walks, but to dive into the luxurious vegetation and walk through the web of forest paths, not only makes your body stronger but will soothe your soul.

Trail #21 - length 5400m; descent 130m; duration 85 minutes; energy expended at average speed of 4-5 km/hr:
Person weighing 70 kg - 318 kcal; if weighing 80 kg - 365 kcal.

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