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Carlsbad Carlsbad     Carlsbad is a town of remedial springs, of a rich history, beautiful architecture and amazing nature. It lies in the valley of the Teplá river, at the confluence spot with the Ohře river. The town was founded in 1350 by the Czech king and Roman Emperor Charles IV. The townęs development has always been associated with the remedial effect of the local curative springs. From the beginning of the 19th century, the water of the Carlsbad springs is also used for drinking treatment. The most remarkable sights of Carslbad are the Castle Tower of Charles IV., the St.Peter and Paulęs orthodox church and the baroque church of St.Mary Magdalene. Carlsbad is also renowned for its traditional production of Moser glass, Thun porcelain, the herbal liqueur Becherovka, the Mattoni mineral water, for production of mineral salt, remedial cosmetics and of souvenirs made from sinter. Carlsbad is offering itself for a visit and stay to anyone who is longing to experience peaceful moments in the unique atmosphere of the world-famous spa town. The Carlsbad`s altitude is 370 m, but the nearby hills are over 640 m, the climate is submontane. From time immemorial, the springs rise in the valley of the Teplá river. The Carlsbad balneology, over 600 years old, is built upon its curative effects. Even though the ways of balneological treatment have developed over the centuries, there is one thing that remains - the positive results for the endless generations of those looking for their lost well-being. Up to 2000 litres per minute of thermal water rises from the Hot Spring, its fountain geysering 12 m high. Together with the water, more than double the volume springs out of carbone dioxide (CO2), the last manifestation of a far-off volcanic activity. This phenomenon enables not only the thermal ascent to the surface but also the spurt of the Hot Spring fountain. The other springs - the so called small Carlsbad springs - are in fact just natural branches which branch off the main stem just before reaching the surface. That is why their yield and temperature are lower than this of the Hot Spring and are only used for the Carlsbad drinking cure. From approximately 100 springs of various yields, 12 of them are captured; their temperature varies from 42°C to 72°C.The composition of the individual mineral waters is similar, yet - due to the different temperatures and various contents of carbon dioxide - their effects are different. As for the chemical composition, the Carlsbad springs belong to the sodium-bicarbonate-sulphuric thermal mineral waters, with the total mineralization of about 6,4 g/l and the content of disolved carbon dioxide of about 560-980 mg/l. Apart from the mineral water, carbon dioxide and peat from the deposit of Krásno by Carlsbad are utilized. The Carlsbad mineral springs 1.Hot Spring   Hot Spring Colonnade 1st mineral spring of Karlovy Vary Temperature: 72°C Location: On the right bank of the Teplá River in the centre of Karlovy Vary 2.Charles IV Spring   Market Colonnade 2nd mineral spring of Karlovy Vary Temperature: 64°C Location: On the left bank of the Teplá River in the historical centre of Karlovy Vary 3.Lower Castle Spring   Market Colonnade 3rd mineral spring of Karlovy Vary Temperature: 55.6°C Location: On the left bank of the Teplá River in the historical centre of Karlovy Vary 4.Upper Castle Spring   Castle Colonnade 4th mineral spring of Karlovy Vary Temperature: 49.8°C Location: In the slope near Zámecká věž (Castle Tower) above the historical centre of Karlovy Vary 5.Market Spring   Market Colonnade 5th mineral spring of Karlovy Vary Temperature: 62°C Location: On the left bank of the Teplá River in the historical centre of Karlovy Vary 6.Mill Spring   Mill Colonnade 6th mineral spring of Karlovy Vary Temperature: 56.6°C Location: On the left bank of the Teplá River in the spa centre of Karlovy Vary 7.Rusalka Spring   Mill Colonnade 7th mineral spring of Karlovy Vary Temperature: 60.2°C Location: On the left bank of the Teplá River in the spa centre of Karlovy Vary 8.Prince Wenceslas Spring   Mill Colonnade 8th mineral spring of Karlovy Vary Temperature: 65.6°C and 64.3°C Location: On the left bank of the Teplá River in the spa centre of Karlovy Vary 9.Libuše Spring   Mill Colonnade 9th mineral spring of Karlovy Vary Temperature: 62°C Location: On the left bank of the Teplá River in the spa centre of Karlovy Vary 10.Rock Spring   Mill Colonnade 10th mineral spring of Karlovy Vary Temperature: 48°C Location: On the left bank of the Teplá River in the spa centre of Karlovy Vary 11.Freedom Spring   Freedom Spring Arbour 11th mineral spring of Karlovy Vary Temperature: 62.4°C Location: Near Lázně III (Spa III) on the left bank of the Teplá River in the spa centre of Karlovy Vary 12.Park Spring   Vojenský lázeňský ústav (Army Spa Institution) 12th mineral spring of Karlovy Vary Temperature: 41.6°C Location: On the left bank of the Teplá River in the spa centre of Karlovy Vary www.karlovyvary.cz more info Christmas House Christmas House The Christmas house is situated in the Karlsbad castle Doubí, which dwarfs over the river Ohře. Led by the whole-hearted lover of Christmas, which realizes here her dream, the unique Christmas exhibition was opened here.               The Christmas house is opened during the whole year and it makes possible to visitors to reminisce about Christmas and enjoy the Christmas feeling whenever they will. In the winter season the visit of the Christmas house is ideal place for relaxation, running away of Christmas mania and omnipresent stress. Christmas feeling during the whole year www.vanocnidum.cz  more info Culture Culture The position of culture in Carlsbad is well established. You can choose from a wide variety of concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions or music festivals. The town hosts the International Film Festival every year.The Grandhotel Pupp orchestra The orchestra is a continuation of the tradition of small orchestras from the past, which always contributed to the creation of this world-famous hotel's exclusive social and cultural atmosphere. It is made up of leading musicians from the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra, which guarantees its artistic level, and its composition is such that it can interpret concert, popular, and dance repertoires. Under the artistic direction of Bohumír Hájek, the Orchestra of Grandhotel Pupp performs not only in Karlovy Vary, but also abroad. It works with outstanding instrumentalists, choirs, and leading singers. For example, in the favourite programmes „Concerts with Johann Strauss" appear the best operetta stars.Municipal TheatreDesigned by the Vienna atelier of Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer. All luminaires, chandeliers and lamps above the rococo staircase have been made according to their project. The interior decoration and paintings were entrusted to the brothers Ernest and Gustav Klimt and Franz Matsch. Museum of Karlovy VaryThe history and nature of Carlsbad, geology, animated nature, balneology, tin and gunsmith manufacturing, porcelain, glass. Permanent display.The Golden Key MuseumThe world of colonnades, an exhibition of the art nouveau paintings of Carlsbad collection from 1894–1896 by the Viennese artist Wilhelm Gause. Permanent display. Art GaleryThe Czech art of the 20th century, works of classics of the Czech modern art. The Moser Glassmaking MuseumHistory of glassmaking from the foundation of the manufacture to the present-day production. Visit of the glass furnace.Jan Becher MuseumExhibition, tour of the historical cellars, videoprojection, tasting.   more info Sports Sports GOLF Grandhotel Pupp collaborates with golf courses in the neighbourhood. The Guest service of the hotel will provide you with a voucher entitling the hotel guests to a discount.You can also use the services of a golf coach.Golf course Karlovy Vary18 holes (PAR 72), one of the eldest courses in the Czech Republic, 7 km away from the hotel.Golf course Cihelny18 holes (PAR 70), designed by Player Design Company, 6 km away from the hotel.Golf course Mariánské lázně18 holes (PAR 72), established in 1905, 35 km away from the hotel.Golf Club Františkovy Lázně18 holes (PAR 72), in the Halštrov nature reserve, distance from the hotel 50 km TENNIS There are two tennis clubs near the hotel (TC Gejzírpark, TC Imperial) where we can book a court for you.   CYCLING Cycling has recently become a very popular sport – more and more people are using the bike for active relaxation outdoors. Cycling achieved undisputed importance in active use of leisure time and it did become a dynamic trend of these days.The Guest Service of the Grandhotel Pupp will be happy to arrange a rental of women`s, men`s and children`s bikes for you. HORSE RIDING The estate in Děpoltovice provides the horse riding; we can book for you one of the three types of ride, depending on the level of the rider. The rides take place in the neighbourhood of Děpoltovice and they can last for over an hour and stretch to several kilometres. SIGHTSEEING FLIGHTS IN A HOT-AIR BALLOON We offer to you this exceptional experience. We can arrange a sightseeing flight and a view of the beautiful countryside from the box of the hot-air balloon. NORDIC WALKING You could try Nordic Walking. The Nordic Walking is a unique walking technique with specially adapted sticks, which are ready to be lent to you at our hotel. Nordic Walking is the most effective when there is the biggest range of arms within the pushing the stick off. The intensity regulation consists in the movement of hands and strength of pushing the sticks off, in walking velocity. What else is important? A strong fixing the sticks to the hand with a strap. Nordic Walking not only improves fitness, but as well as strengthens the musculature of the upper parts of a body and legs and makes better the complete mobility and blood circulation. ADRENALINE SPORTS Our offer of adrenaline activities is also very attractive. It covers a wide range of unique experiences from bungee-jumping, through paintball to less conventional ones such as zorbing (a downhill ride in an inflatable sphere). It is necessary to point out again that thanks to our high-quality partners we are able to provide every known adrenaline activity, to a high quality and above all according to all safety principles. HIKING We have chosen for you the most interesting spa walks in near surroundings. You can choose from our offer of 20 routes. SKIING Karlovy Vary is situated at the foothill of the Krušné Mountains. Within 30 km from the city are ski resorts offering downhill and cross-country skiing and snowboarding in several snow parks.www.klinovec.cz CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING Cross-country tracks along the Krušné Mountains route.This marked route running on the ridge of the Krušné Mountains crosses the German border in several places. It serves a multitude of purposes - in winter, it is conquered by cross-country skiers who are delighted with the beautiful view of the Krušné Mountains from the well maintained cross-country tracks. In summer, the track provides ideal hiking and biking paths. The route passes through these communities, amongst others: Boží Dar, Abertamy, or Horní Blatná. more info For children For children Grandhotel Pupp`s Kiddies CornerOn the second floor of the Grandhotel Pupp First Class, the kids feel like being in their own room.Open all day.Carlsbad ObservatoryAn observation of the sky for the little ones, i.e. children aged from 5 years with their parents. Castle eventsThrough the summer season, one-off interesting programmes are organized for children (historical re-enacting, games and competitions). more info Tour, trips and excursions Tour, trips and excursions In CarlsbadOpional guided tour of Carlsbad on feet, by car, horse-carriage or by a historical busJan Becher Museum: guided tour of the museum, information about company history, visit to the cellars, tasting of the world-famous liqueur called “the 13th curative spring of Carlsbad” - duration: 90 minutesMoser: visit to the glassworks famous for manual crystal glass manufacture, tour of the factory and museum – duration: 90 minutesCableway and Diana vantage point in Carlsbad Excursion into the underground of the Hot Spring and into the crypt of the St. Mary Magdalene ChurchGoethe`s vistaCharles IV. vantage pointSvatošské skály rocksObservatory     Into the neighbourhoodPlzeň: metropolis of West Bohemia, commercial and cultural centre of the region, the Škoda industrial plant, tour of the renowned Pilsner Urquell brewery (established 1842) – taste famous beer, visit the brewery’s museum; 80 km from hotel - duration: 5 hoursCheb: important historical town, centre declared a historical town reserve, Špalíček – symbol of the square (example of mediaeval buildings, a set of 11 houses from the 15th century), Romanesque castle, 60 km from hotel - duration: 4 hoursMariánské Lázně: youngest spa resort of West Bohemia, numerous natural springs (40 of them curative), Neo-Baroque New Colonnade with the “Singing Fountain”, Municipal Museum in “Goethe’s House” with original furniture in the artist’s quarters shows the town’s history, 45 km from hotel - duration: 4 hoursFrantiškovy Lázně: smallest of the West Bohemian spa triangle, early Classicistic style of buildings, rich in curative springs, 70 km from hotel - duration: 4 hoursLoket: small town established in the 11th century, dominated by a Gothic castle, whose part is used as a museum (with permanent porcelain exhibition); in 1979 the town was declared a historical town reserve, possibility to of having mediaeval dinner served in the castle (for groups of at least 20), 15 km from hotel - trip duration: 3 hoursBečov: remarkable set of a Gothic castle and a Renaissance and Baroque Chateau, exhibition of St. Maur’s Reliquary – one of Europe’s greatest treasures (from the 11th century), 20 km from hotel - duration: 3 hoursAndělská Hora: Engelsburg Castle ruin, 5 km from hotel - duration: 1 hourTeplá: Late-Romanesque monastery with a basilica, established in 1193, famous library (1902) with nearly 100 volumes of books (oldest books from the 9th century), 30 km from hotel - duration: 3 hoursKynžvart: small spa resort, beautiful Empire-style chateau built by the Metternich noble family in 1821 - 1839, one of the most valuable chateau libraries in the country, museum – numerous collection of natural substances, porcelain, coins, paintings, weapons, ancient Egyptian artefacts and other pieces of art, 45 km from hotel - duration: 3 hoursKlášterec nad Ohří: originally a Renaissance chateau with New-Gothic reconstruction, large English-style park, Porcelain Museum – valuable exposition of Chinese, Japanese and Czech porcelain, 35 km from hotel - duration: 3 hoursManětín: Renaissance chateau (with Baroque statues), listed historical zone, a jewel of Baroque architecture in West Bohemia, 40 km from hotel - duration: 3 hoursValeč: listed municipal historical zone, unique example of Italian rural Baroque – castle with park, examples of regional vernacular architecture, 40 km from hotel - duration: 2 hoursChyše: novogothic castle, one of the most distinguished landmark in Carlsbad region, 40 km from hotel – duration: 2 hoursMostov: The first manor house originated in Mostov in the 15th century. From 17th century a chateau was situtated there and in the 19th century was under complete reconstruction In its interier you can find a collection of interesting historical tiled stoves and Art Nouveau secular motif. In 1992 the castle was deservedly registered in the list of cultural monuments. Arrangement of the royal feast with Charles IV including a performance of artistic group. Distance from the hotel: 40 km     The Czech Republic is considered one of the leading countries in the area of cultural heritage. As many as ten important historical and cultural monuments and have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List - the historical centres of Český Krumlov, Kutná Hora, Praha and Telč, the pilgrimage Church of St. John of Nepomuk in Zelená Hora near Žďár nad Sázavou, the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape in South Moravia, the Kroměříž Castle and Garden, the village of Holašovice in South Bohemia, the Litomyšl Castle, and the Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc. In addition, the Czech Republic offers over 42,000 castles and chateaus, churches and chaples, palaces and burgher houses, vernacular buildings and protected industrial structures. The pleasant atmosphere and new face of our cultural monuments will without doubt encourage even greater interest in our cultural heritage. Prague: A popular tourist destination established on the crossroads of merchant trails, which met here as early as the 9th century. The architectural styles of ten centuries have given Prague a unique look and allow us to admire the skills and craft of old builders, stonemasons and sculptors. The most famous and memorable spots of the capital city include Charles Bridge, the Old-Town Horologe, well-preserved synagogues and the old cemetery of the Jewish Quarters, the Prague Castle with its cathedral, the Lesser Town gardens, the green cupola of St. Nicolas’s Church and the slim spires of the fabulous Vyšehrad.Český Krumlov: A picturesque town resting on the bends of the Vltava River, one of the country’s most beautiful and architecturally best preserved towns. The unique historical town includes over 300 Gothic and Renaissance buildings and bears witness to the remarkably well-preserved mediaeval urban planning. The town hosts annual Cinquefoil Rose Celabrations in Renaissance style as well as a number of music festivals offering a taste of chamber music, jazz, historical music, etc.Kutná Hora: a beautiful town located about 60 km east of Prague. Its unusual beauty has earned the town the attribute of the country’s treasury and jewel. The mediaeval wealth of the town came from silver mining. It is no surprise that Kutná Hora is dominated by the Late-Gothic Church of St. Barbara, patron saint of miners, and that other famous sights include the Italian Court, a former Royal Mint. The Kutná Hora centre offers a mediaeval atmosphere. The architectural jewels of the town include the Gothic fountain, the Archdeacon’s Church of St. James, and the Baroque Ursuline Convent.Telč: the historical centre of this South Moravian town was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1992. The centre is famous for its rows of unique houses originating mostly from the late middle ages. The houses feature tall Renaissance gables decorated with sgraffito, and large mediaeval halls with tunnel-like corridors offering constant temperature and suitable for beer ageing. The north-western part of the square is dominated by a chateaus surrounded with a garden and a park, dating back to the 16th century. The chateau is a former fortress guarding the crossroads of important commercial trails.The castles of Karlštejn, Křivoklát, Kost etc..Chateau of Hluboká nad Vltavou, Červená Lhota, Rychnov nad Kněžnou, Litomyšl www.czechtourism.com more info Spa Walking Routes Spa Walking Routes We invite you to discover the beauty and attractions of the town of Karlovy Vary. The town of springs and spas is also a town with rich artistic activities, many historical sites and beautiful nature. Our selection of spa walks will take you to the most interesting places. more info Spa Walking Route No. 1 - 3 Spa Walking Route No. 1 - 3 Spa Walking Route No. 1 Postovni dvur - Cross Slovenska ulice (street) and turn right towards the bridge across the Tepla River. Cross the bridge and on the other bank you will pass volleyball courts. Veer to the right and there is a gentle climb to "Beethovenova Chata". From "Beethovenova Chata", take the Mickiewicz's path on your left. This will lead you towards Richmond Sanatorium.Beethovenův altán - This is a reminder of a concert given here by this famous composer together with an Italian violinist, G.B. Polleder, in August 1812.Spa Sanatorium Richmond - This was built at the beginning of the 19th century, and it's present condition is a result of gradual renovations. It's location is beautiful, and in the large surrounding park you can find a monument to Ludwig van Beethoven. This was created in 1929 and is the work of Karlovy Vary sculptor Hugo Uher. There is also a bronze bust of the Polish poet, A. Mickiewicz. This was made by the scultptor, B. Werner in 1947.Deer's Statue - This is located behind Richmond Sanatorium and is probably the work of Berlin sculptor, A. Kiss.Trail #1 - length 2000m; ascent 20m; duration 30 minutes; Energy expended at average spee dof 4-5km/hr: Person weighing 70 kg -98 kcal; if 80kg - 112 kcal.   Spa Walking Route No. 2 Postovni dvur - Cross Slovenska ulice (street) and turn right towards the bridge across the Tepla River. Cross the bridge and on the other bank you will pass volleyball courts. Veer to the right and there is a gentle climb to "Beethovenova Chata". From Beethovenova Chata, walk down to the tennis courts and continue through the forest, behind the motel to Alice Hotel on the outskirts of the community of Brezova - bus stop on the bus route Karlovy Vary - Brezova.This second walk is one of the easier walks which we recommend for all people who have been forbidden by a doctor to overexert themselves, or for those that have joint or respiratory problems.Postovni dvur (Old Postal Court) - This was built in 1791 by Karlovy Vary Postmaster, Josef Korb, to be used as a station for exchanging tired postal horses for fresh ones. Later, this place became an important cultural centre. On the 20th of July 1894, it was the site of the European premiere of Dvorak's, "New World Symphony". The Hall of Labitzky (1791) and Hall Prusky (1818) are located here, together with a restaurant, wine cellar, and garden dance pavilion which are sought out by spa visitors.Trail #2 - length 2500 m; ascent 15m; duration 40 minutes; Energy expended at average speed of 4-5 km/hr: Person weighing 70 kg - 118 kcal; if 80 kg - 134 kcal.   Spa Walking Route No. 3 Galerie umeni - Follow the paved path, up the gentle climb to Dvorak's path above the Letni kino (Summer Theatre), then through the forset on the "Odpoledne cesta" (Afternoon path). Behind the ranger station, take the lower branch of this path towards the tennis courts, and then follow the Tepla River back towards Toscana and Postovni dvur to Galerie umeni.Galerie umeni (Art Gallery) - It was built in 1912 by architect / professor Seitz. Originally it was built for the Cheb Chamber of Commerce to give them a place to display samples of merchandise. Since 1953 it is used exclusively as an art gallery. In the immediate vicinity of the gallery is a monument built in 1909 to honour Friedrich Schiller. This memorial monument was designed by architect, F. Ohmann. The relief was sculpted in stone by Max Hiller, In the park by the Summer Theatre, there is a monument created in 1949 to honour the Czech musical composer, Bedrich Smetana. It was done by sculptor, J. Wagner.Walk #3 - length 2850m; ascent 20m; duration 45 minutes; Energy expended at average speed of 4-5 km/hr: Person weighing 70 kg - 134 kcal; if 80 kg - 152 kcal. more info Spa Walking Route No. 4 - 6 Spa Walking Route No. 4 - 6 Spa Walking Route No. 4 Hlavni posta - Follow trida (avenue) T.G. Masaryk bearing left to Krale Jiriho ulice (street). Turn left onto Krale Jiriho ulice (street), take the first street to the right (Svahova ulice), and follow it up to the path running behind the courthouse and City Hall. Take Vrazova ulice (street) to Tuhnice and then to Sumavska ulice (street) - bus stop for Bus Route #2 - Sumavska.Hlavni posta (Main Post Office) - It is an important divider between the business and spa districts of Karlovy Vary. The post office was designed by architect Friedrich Setz and built in 1903. At that time, it was one of the most modern postal institutions belonging to the Austo-Hungarian monarchy. On the exterior of the building at the leve of the third floor, there are four individual allegorical statues. Each statue represents one mode of communication/transportation - telegraph, railway, shipping and post. The main post office building is one of the state heritage buildings.Trail #4 - length 1800 m; ascent 15; duration 30 minutes; Energy expended at average speed of 4-5 km/hr; Person weighing 70 kg - 86 kcal; if 80 kg - 103 kcal.   Spa Walking Route No. 5 Stag's Leap Station of funicular - Follow the gentle climbing panoramic path to the crossroads "Ecce Homo" and take the gentle descent to "Odpoledni pesina", all the way to Slovenska Street. Here veer left back towards the tennis courts - bus stop on the bus route Karlovy Vary - Brezova.Tennis - The first mention of tennis in Karlovy Vary is from the year 1897 when the first asphalt court was built on the present-day site of Spa IV. The tennis court was used mainly by the officers. In 1905, work was begun on the building of tennis courts in Gejzierpark using English construction technology. Club facilities were built between 1907 and 1908 and this evolved into the best equipped tennis club in the middle of Europe at that time.Trail #5 - length 2000m; ascent 10m (descent 80m); duration 30 minutes; Energy expended at average speed of 4-5 km/hr: Person weighing 70 kg - 139 kcal; if 80 kg - 158 kca   Spa Walking Route No. 6 Stag's Leap station for the funicular - Go through the forest to Spa Sanatorium Myslivna and veer left onto the Fibichova pesina (Fibich's path) and follow it on the gentle descent to krizikova ulice (street). Follow alone the edge of the firest to the pond by Male Versailles Restaurant - bus stop on Route #4 - U Jezirka.Sanatorium Myslivna (former Ranger Station) - It is interesting because of it's unique style of construction with it's balconies and steeples. The sanatorium is one of the few remaining buildings of its kind. At the present time it serves as a spa institution for the Ministry of Interior.The walk ends near the Orthodox Church of St. Peter and Paul. The church was built between 1893 and 1989 according to the plans of builder, G. Wiedermann from Frantiskovy Lazne. It was funded by monetary donations from Russian spa visitors.Trail #6 - length 1500m; descent 60m; duration 25 minutes;Energy expended at average speed of 4-5 km/hr: Person weighing 70 kg - 105 kcal; if 80 kg - 120 kcal. more info

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