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From time immemorial, the springs rise in the valley of the Teplá river. The Karlovy Vary balneology, over 600 years old, is built upon its curative effects. Up to 2000 litres per minute of thermal water rises from the Sprudel, its fountain geysering 12 m high. From approximately 100 springs of various yields, 12 of them are captured; their temperature varies from 42 °C to 72 °C.

The treatment is based on an individual treatment plan determined by the physician during the introductory exam.

For maximum effect, the treatment stay should last 14 days or more, but even shorter wellness stays are an essential part of our lives nowadays. They have preventive effects, relieve your body of stress and jump-start your personal development. The treatments should be repeated twice a year, with a break of six months.

An important part of the treatment at Karlovy Vary is the drinking cure. 
The springs have various temperatures and content of carbon dioxide gas. Therefore, you must follow the prescribed springs, quantity and drinking times. The drinking cure is mostly suitable before meals, when walking, in small sips. Besides a positive impact on digestion, on overall health and on the immune system, it helps to detoxify the body.



Mud baths combine the effects of a warm bath and peloid (mud), which has a significant impact on all chronic pathological diseases of the locomotive system, especially joints. 

Mud compresses have an anti-inflammatory effect, regenerate damaged tissue, supply it with blood, and mitigate pain and cramps. They warm up and relax the muscles in a very pleasant way. Compresses are mostly used for diseases of the locomotive system and for chronic diseases of joints and the spine. They are anti-inflammatory and can benefit chronic adhesions. Last but not least, they help to fight cellulitis. 

The procedure involves a micromassage of the skin by air bubbles. It improves the blood supply and fosters relaxation. 

The treatment combines the effect of a warm bath with specific herbal prescribed depending on the health problem (e.g. insomnia, fatigue, joint pain, neurosis, skin problems). These ingredients can stimulate the organism, relieve and regenerate it, mitigate the pain of the locomotive system and improve the healing of cutaneous afflictions. 

A bath in a bathtub with added carbon dioxide improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and fosters overall relaxation. 

An application of the carbon gas in a special sack full of carbon dioxide. This treatment is fairly mild and suitable even for elderly patients. The impacts are similar to wet carbon dioxide baths, i.e. improvement of blood circulation, lower blood pressure and overall relaxation. It is also used as an efficient form of regeneration and recovery in all age groups. 

This treatment involves the inhalation of an aerosol enriched with Vincentka mineral water through the nose or mouth by patients with upper or lower respiratory tract diseases. 

This procedure involves the inhalation of 40% oxygen through a two-way nasal probe. It improves oxygen supply to tissue and thus improves the psychic and physical functions of the body. The treatment is tolerated well. Patients indicate that they stop feeling tired and that their overall condition improves. 

A partial or overall manual massage using a cream or oil, focused mainly on the regeneration of the locomotive system. Accelerated circulation improves the local metabolism and the supply of tissue with oxygen, and relieves muscle tension. 

A manual massage performed by a specialized rehabilitation therapist according to the medical prescription and focused on the removal of pathological reflex changes in the locomotive system, mostly in the spinal area, with impacts on the vegetative nervous system. 

This massage combines the salubrious effects of manual massage and aromatic oils, whose fragrant essences influence the central nervous system and amplify the complex impact of the massage on the body.

The biolamp uses light energy for local biostimulation that accelerates regenerative and healing processes in the body. It shortens the period of healing due to its impact on the immune system. 

Suitable for chronic afflictions of the locomotive system (joint, muscle, connective tissue, tendon disorders), for accelerating the healing of cutaneous and subcutaneous lesions, post-traumatic and postoperative conditions of the locomotive system where the biostimulating effect is of much importance. 

Used to improve the supply of blood in hands and to warm them. It relieves stiff and painful joints and softens hard skin. The results are aesthetic but also curative – it affects rheumatism, joints, low blood pressure and cold hands.

This procedure uses infrared radiation that penetrates deep into the skin and subcutaneous structure to thoroughly warm the organism. It has a salubrious effect on chronic degenerative and post-traumatic afflictions of the locomotive system and on the respiratory tract. It strengthens the immune system and improves vitality. People usually tolerate this treatment better than sauna and steam. 

Conducted under the supervision of a rehabilitation therapist according to the medical prescription, this procedure focuses on the elimination of certain pathological changes of the locomotive system. 

This procedure is usually used to treat functional joint blocks that are painful, restrict movement and lead to other pathological reflex changes, in particular the creation of painful points, hyperalgetic zones and muscle spasms. The goal of the treatment is the relaxation of the locomotive system (in the spine region), the recovery of the joint-play range and also the removal of muscle tension and the treatment of trigger points, which are often the cause of pain, muscle weakness or movement restriction. 

A treatment that supports the flow of lymph and body fluids (from the lower or upper limbs). It is used e.g. for lymphoedemas, some post-traumatic conditions and venous insufficiency; it is also effective against cellulitis. 

Injections around pain points are applied by physicians. 

An application of a small quantity of carbon dioxide in the subcutaneous region with acupuncture points or trigger points. Main indications – painful spine and joint disorders. Conducted only by a trained rehabilitation therapist. 

During electrotherapy, electric impulses cause muscle contractions. Each contraction increases the supply of blood in the skin. In this respect, electrotherapy is several times more intense than classic massage. Electrotherapy strengthens muscle fibres and burns fat in the tissue. 

The use of a high-frequency magnetic field is advisable for a number of conditions and diseases of the locomotive system, fractures, insufficient blood supply, osteoporosis, etc. The magnets can be applied through clothing or a plaster cast.

Shock wave therapy involves the interaction of body tissue with high-intensity sound waves. This has a number of salubrious effects such as the suppression of chronic inflammation, stimulation of collagen and dissolution of calcium deposits. The stimulation of these biological mechanisms creates optimal conditions for healing. When the injured area returns to a normal condition, its function is recovered, and the pain subsides. 

A treatment employing mechanical energy and prescribed to improve blood supply, absorption of post-traumatic oedemas, haematomas, and to deeply warm subcutaneous structures and muscles. A wide range of indications – particularly afflictions of the locomotive system.

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