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Pupp Royal Spa - Wellness centre

Relaxation pool

8 am - 8 pm

Sauna and steam baths 
1 pm - 8 pm

Salt cave 
8 am - 8 pm

Fitness centre
8 am - 8 pm

Royal Spa Suite
12 am - 7 pm

8 am - 7 pm


Grandhotel Pupp opens a new wellness centre with a relaxation pool and saunas for its guests.


The total area of the Pupp Royal Spa is 1,300 m2. The lower part of the building houses a sauna, steam baths, ice fountain, experience showers and a relaxation room. The entire floor above contains a relaxation pool with small thematic pools in the corners and a recreational pier.

Located next to the main entrance of the Pupp Royal Spa is a modern fitness centre with Life Fitness cardio training.

The hotel also offers the exclusive Royal Spa Suite with a private sauna, whirlpool, a dry massage tub and another massage bed.

The Pupp Royal Spa is exclusive and individual - you won´t find a copy anywhere.


The entrance to the pool is possible only with the swimsuit according to the European standard.

Pupp Royal Spa Pool   Pupp Royal Spa Pool

A 29 °C relaxation pool (15 x 7 metres) with artificial current, a spout and two weirs, complemented with bubble baths by the entrance; columns in the corners conceal a secluded 33 °C flower bath, 33 °C meditation pool with underwater music and a 33 °C massage pool for relaxation of the lower limbs; recreational pier with daylight.

Pupp Royal Spa Sauna   Pupp Royal Spa Steam

A 95 °C Finnish sauna, 60 °C herbal steam, 45 °C herbal bath, ice fountain and relaxation room.

Pupp Royal Spa Salt Cave   Pupp Royal Spa Fitness Lounge

The microclimatic salt cave with a waterfall and the starry sky above is fully lined with salt crystals from Pakistan, including on the floor. Their mineral content (iodine, bromine, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, selenium and other trace elements) is released into the air through gradual ionization and in the form of an aerosol inhaled into the lungs and absorbed into the body. Salt caves have beneficial effects on respiratory diseases, inadequacies of the thyroid gland, high blood pressure and dermatological diseases, nervous disorders and fatigue.

Royal Spa Suite   Royal Spa Suite

The Royal Spa Suite is ideal for individuals and couples who want to indulge in spa treatments in private or prefer shared massages. Its pleasant relaxation area offers a hot tub, herbal sauna and an experience shower. An Aquai water massage bed is also available. Everything has been prepared for your comfort. 



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